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Live Honoring America’s Fallen

“A nation reveals itself not only by the citizens it produces, but also by the citizens it honors, the citizens it remembers.”

John F. Kennedy

“They gave the last full measure of devotion”

 – Abraham Lincoln

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 2,289 | Missing in Action: 1,060

Brittany American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 4,409| Missing in Action: 500

Brookwood American Cemetery

United KingdomBurials: 468 | Missing in Action: 563

Cambridge American Cemetery

United KingdomBurials: 3,812 | Missing in Action: 5,127

Clark Veterans Cemetery


Corozal American Cemetery

PanamaBurials: 5,500

Epinal American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 5,254 | Missing in Action: 424

Flanders Field American Cemetery

BelgiumBurials: 368 | Missing in Action: 43

Florence American Cemetery

ItalyBurials: 4,399 | Missing in Action: 1,409

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery

BelgiumBurials: 7,992 | Missing in Action: 450

Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Cemetery

FranceBurials: 51 | Missing in Action: 5

Lorraine American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 10,489 | Missing in Action: 444

Luxembourg American Cemetery

LuxembourgBurials: 5,075 | Missing in Action: 371

Manila American Cemetery

PhillipinesBurials: 17,184 | Missing in Action: 36,286

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 14,246 | Missing in Action: 954

Mexico City National Cemetery

MexicoBurials: 813 | Missing in Action: 750

Netherlands American Cemetery

NetherlandsBurials: 8,301 | Missing in Action: 1,722

North Africa American Cemetery

TunisaBurials: 2,841 | Missing in Action: 3,724

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 6,012 | Missing in Action: 241

Rhone American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 860 | Missing in Action: 294

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery

ItalyBurials: 7,860 | Missing in Action: 3,095

Somme American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 1,844 | Missing in Action: 333

St. Mihiel American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 4,153 | Missing in Action: 284

Suresnes American Cemetery

FranceBurials: 1,565 | Missing in Action: 974

No Greater Love

No Greater Love (NGL), founded in 1971 is a non-profit, patriotic, humanitarian organization that is dedicated to bring hope, peace, and love to the world.

It has honored:

  • America’s fallen and their families
  • Our troops
  • Our veterans

For 50 years, NGL held hundreds of ceremonies, 15-20 each year at Arlington National Cemetery for those who died in the service of our nation.


Many know our mission but few know our name

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    Voices of The People

    “Thanks for your recent program (1981) involving the children’s letters to Vietnam vets. In twelve years, no one had ever thanked me for being over there until I read those letters.”
    – P.T., Vietnam Combat Veteran (1967-1969)

    “We experienced your act of thoughtfulness as a quiet and personal ticker-tape parade of recognition for our father and the other Vietnam veterans who never had one.”
    – Children of Vietnam casualty

    “I feel that we heal a little more because we are able to ‘come together’ through you.”
    – Marion Haskell, mother of Marine killed in Beirut Terrorist Bombing

    “Your work has consistently represented the values of America. Through your caring, imagination and tireless exhaustion, you and your staff have made a statement for all of us. Thank you.”
    – The Honorable Bob Dole, U.S. Senator (R-KS), 1968-1996

    “For me, after 50 years, you have been my ‘healing miracle.’ Everyone grieves differently, they say, but until we had you, we grieved longer and harder.”
    – Susan Curtis, Daughter of WWII casualty