It has been said that one positive effect of the COVID-19 lockdown is that we are now compelled to stop or at least slow down long enough to take genuine notice of the people, places and things that make up the content of our lives. That’s what’s real. And that is what energizes our hope and love.

May God bring light into the darkness of this world and to us.

“But an amazingly wonderful thing has evolved from this pandemic. Human beings have become… human again. We have finally started to jettison the hyper-sensitivity that prevented us from laughing at ourselves – an extremely important point, since you can tell a lot about society by its sense of humor. The strong ones have the ability to laugh, poke fun, and engage in self-deprecating humor, made possible by an innate confidence, and the ability not to take oneself too seriously. For a while, we have gotten away from those things. But now, the pictures, videos and jokes flying around social media are giving us precisely the medicine we need most: a good laugh. Humor keeps us grounded, gives us perspective, and, most of all, reinforces to our most inner soul that we will, most definitely, prevail.”


A special magnet to honor the Essentials on the front lines worldwide fighting COVID-19. The magnet serves as a tangible reminder of our gratitude for the dedication, skills and sacrifices of each and every individual. These magnets will be distributed to all the Essentials: Doctors, Nurses, Rescue Paramedics, Supermarket Employees, Mail Carriers, UPS Drivers, Drugstore Staff, Hospital Employees, Health Care Workers, Truck Drivers, Police Officers, Firefighters, Bus Drivers, Security Guards, Nursing Home Workers and Medical Researchers.

Prayer Cards

In this crisis, we ask you to do as St. Augustine said: “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” This prayer card is being distributed to people of all faiths praying for love, peace and hope in the world to end this global pandemic.
This prayer was written by Captain Bill Perry CHC, USN, (Ret.), President of No Greater Love, at the request of Carmella LaSpada, Founder of No Greater Love and Executive Director.
Let us all join in praying worldwide.


These decals were created as a reminder to wear a mask to help end this pandemic. Wear a mask not only for the protection of yourself but also for the protection of others. To follow public-health recommendations on wearing masks or other face coverings.
Let us all follow the advice of Dr. Fauci – “We need, as a nation, to show a degree of consistency of everybody”. What we need is to get the message across that we are all in this together.


No Greater Love wanted to do something positive and hopeful for those suffering during these trying times. We came up with a bracelet as a symbol. It is a tangible reminder that through an optimistic attitude, faith and prayer, we will move forward during this pandemic. This bracelet is not only for people fighting COVID-19, but for all who are struggling. It is our prayer that the words on the bracelet will help heal a wounded world.


This Dear Abby letter appeared in 1,200 newspapers and read by 95 million people throughout the country.