Remembrance Roses

UPS delivers roses to a mother of a fallen solider.

The rose is a traditional part of our Remembrance Ceremonies. The rose was designated as one of our country’s four national emblems by Presidential Proclamation in 1987. No Greater Love selected this flower because it is accepted as a living symbol of love, unity and peace. It says, “I will always remember.”

No Greater Love paid tribute with a rose bouquet on July 4th, 1991 to the 394 families who lost a loved one in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, or Operation Provide Comfort. In recognition of the courage and sacrifices of these families, Rose Growers of America kindly donated the hundreds of roses for these bouquets which were delivered throughout the country free of charge by the United Parcel Service.

“The roses are beautiful and I will dry them and keep them in a special vase that my husband, Phillip bought in Europe. When they arrived I cried to think of how kind it was of you to send flowers to someone you do not know.. This special feeling I received when they arrived will stay special, for I considered it my last bouquet from him.”


Gulf War widow, recipient of roses from No Greater Love on July 4, 1991