NGL Through The Years

Through the years, No Greater Love has had hundreds of events and ceremonies. There were many celebrities, athletes, and other public figures who have participated and supported No Greater Love.

Presenting a special cartoon by Bil Keane, Creator of Family Circus, to then LTG Martin Dempsey at MacDill Air Force Base, headquarters of U.S. Central Command, General Dempsey became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2011.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Senator John McCain’s release as a POW in Vietnam. Joining in the tribute are Vietnam Veterans Senator Chuck Hagel, Senator Bob Kerrey, and VA Administrator Max Cleland – who were members of NGL’s Board of Advisors.

Frank Sinatra produced President Reagan’s Inaugural Concert in 1981. Carmella contacted Mr. Sinatra asking if there were any concert tickets available for the families of the hostages being held in Iran. The concert was sold out, but Sinatra asked, “Do you think they would like to come to the rehearsal?” Carmella replied, “That is even better!” This photo of Sinatra is with one of the hostage’s children. Not only was he a great entertainer, but also a caring man and patriot.

With General Raymond Odierno, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in 2011

With Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Michael Thornton and Robert Foley.

With General Colin Powell at the Gulf War Remembrance Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, 1992

With her boss at the White House, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, 1967

With Joe Namath at an event in California for families of our wounded and fallen veterans.

With New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath and No Greater Love’s Editor’s Choice Vietnam Veteran Honorees

With President Ford, Washington Redskins quarterback Billy Kilmer, and former POWs William Lawrence and John Dramesi at the White House

War Correspondents Memorial Dedication Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary with speakers David Halberstam and Wallace Terry – noted war correspondents in Vietnam War, 1995

With Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at the National Italian-American Foundation Awards Dinner

Carmella with Frank Sinatra and her parents presenting him with a special gift from NGL and the former hostages in Iran for his support

With Ambassadors and Generals at the ceremony honoring those who died in the Gulf War, 1992

With comedian Bob Hope at an NGL reception for the former hostages

With friend Art Buchwald, an American humorist and columnist who was master of ceremonies for the No Greater Love Salute to Vietnam Veterans in the U.S. Capitol

With General Wayne Downing, Commander, U.S. Special Operations

Presenting General Norman Schwarzkopf, NGL Board member, with a special cartoon by Dik Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible, 1992

Walter Cronkite speaking at NGL’s War Correspondents’ Tribute

With actor Dustin Hoffman visiting wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital, 1968

In partnership with NGL, members of AFL-CIO Unions participated in 27 Annual Tributes at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. No other group in the history of our country had done this. These veterans came from all over the country to participate in these tributes. They traveled to Washington, DC at their own expense to honor America’s fallen.