Vietnam War Tributes


America’s Sports Stars for POWs-MIAs and Programs of Friendship and Care for children of POWs, MIAs, and KIAs in Vietnam.


POW Returnees’ Salute to Hospitalized Veterans. This became an Annual National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, now sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

1976 – 1977

Editors’ Choice Awards: Recognizing Vietnam Veterans who made significant contributions to the life of the nation following their return from the war. 

Oct. 26, 1977

First plaque honoring those who died in Southeast Asia, placed in the Display Room, Arlington National Cemetery.

Nov. 5, 1979

Special Tribute to Vietnam Veterans at Ford’s Theater, Washington, D.C.

Nov. 11, 1979

10 K Run for America: A tribute to Vietnam Veterans.

June 14, 1980 (Flag Day)

Salute to Vietnam Veterans at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, with the placing of a wreath at the Liberty Bell by children.

August, 1980

Pre-Game Salute to America’s Vietnam Veterans, Philadelphia Phillies, Veterans Stadium.

Veterans Day, 1985

No Greater Love Children were the first to place a wreath at the Vietnam Memorial.

April 30, 1985

Father’s Day Remembrance, the first display of Father’s Day cards with floral arrangement placed at the Vietnam Memorial by No Greater Love Children. This has become a tradition by sons and daughters of Vietnam casualties.

1974 – 1999

Annual Children’s Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. This ceremony started as a way to honor Vietnam War casualties at the request of a child whose father is missing in action.